More Information:

video showing police open fire on Ferguson’s peaceful protesters

video giving an “on the ground” look on the situation

Laci Greens’s post on the movements connected to Ferguson

Veterans on Ferguson

Real News

Something I wasn’t able to add to the powerpoint:

"America’s Justice System in 6 Seconds"


Bail and legal fund for those arrested during Ferguson Anti-Police Demonstrations

Twitter user currently giving information on how to volunteer to help

How to make a homemade tear gas mask <— useful to spread to people who are demonstrating/know people who are demonstrating in Ferguson

please add any other links!!


attack on markiplier


Okay, I am confused.

Why am I being attacked for “forcing” Arin to put a trigger warning on the latest GG episode? Arin is a grown ass man who makes his own decisions. This had ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with me. 

…guys….come on…

People suck very much, and don’t like it when people get a heads up for triggers and such. But I think both you and arin are taking it very seriously and you don’t deserve to have a shitty fan base. I’m sorry are being pissbabies, you are really super cool and don’t deserve to have people say that kind of mean shit to you.